I. speciality spe‧ci‧al‧i‧ty 1 [ˌspeʆiˈælti] noun specialities PLURALFORM [countable]
a subject or skill that you know a lot about or have a lot of experience of; = SPECIALTY AmE:

• My speciality is international tax law.

  [m0] II. speciality speciality 2 adjective [only before a noun] COMMERCE
1. speciality products are special or unusual in some way, and are therefore usually expensive:

• a range of speciality paints

2. speciality shop/​restaurant a shop or restaurant that sells unusual products or food that are special in some way

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speciality UK US (US also specialty) /ˌspeʃiˈæləti/ /ˈspeʃəlti/ noun [C]
a subject that someone knows a lot about: »

The company's speciality in the North American market means it is some way ahead of its nearest rival.

a product that a company or place is well known for because it is extremely good: »

Our restaurant offers a superb menu of local specialities at affordable prices.


The group's speciality is producing software to help drugs companies find new compounds.

speciality UK US (US also specialty) /ˌspeʃiˈæləti/ adjective
used to describe something that has been designed for a particular purpose: »

We're making a speciality product for speciality customers.

COMMERCE used to describe a store or company that is extremely good at selling a particular product: »

a specialty store/retailer

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